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Primary Category: Celebrities
Secondary Category: Babes
Additional Keywords: Nude Hollywood stars, singers, athletes,
supermodels etc., celebrity news, special features, biographies, etc.
Reviewed October 2020

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Content Quantity: 20/20 Content Quality: 16/20 Updates: 9/10
Entertainment: 15/15 Navigation & Design: 8/10 Download: 4/5
Value for Money: 15/15 Reviewer’s Tilt: 5/5 Total: 92/100

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Pictures: Approx. 65,000+ photos
Video: Approx. 6,000+ video clips (approx. 10 seconds to 3 minutes each)
Windows Media (wmv) and Mpeg available
Highest quality: wmv 640×480, 2100 kbit
No DRM protection

Bonus: Access to four other (real) porn sites with pics, downloadable videos and video feeds.
This content can also be accessed directly from Female Celebrities
Pricing: 1 month recurring: $29.95
3 day trial: $2.95


+ A huge collection of video clips and photos from all the movies, occasions or magazines where all the famous (and not so famous) Hollywood stars, models, athletes, singers, soap and TV stars etc. have appeared more or less undressed, or just more than ordinary hot in those cases where they aren’t baring breasts or bottoms
+ Thousands of celebrities in the archive, both female and male (I could have done without the latter, especially since the browsing filter “female celebrities only” didn’t seem to take effect. The name of the site also sort of indicates this should be “girls only”)

+ Not just a pic/video site, you also get celebrity news, biographies, features, special sections (James Bond babes, Baywatch, Star Trek celebs, ladies from The Sopranos, Survivor, the Blade trilogy etc.) and a number of other things

+ Well designed site interface and pretty powerful navigation and search features (read about the minor technical issues in the cons below though)

+ If you’re in the mood for real porn you also get access to a pretty large collection of hardcore pics, videos and external video feeds (all of them also accessible on four different porn sites included with the membership)
+ Fairly decent quality on many of the videos and photos, although given the numerous different sources (for the photos anyway, I’m assuming they encode many of the video clips themself) there is quite a bit of variety, giving you the full range from crappy to great

A “HRWM” (“High Res Windows Media” I assume) version, 640×480, 2100 kbit, is available for what seems to be a fair amount of videos (I’m assuming the recently added ones, they aren’t date stamped though)
+ Frequent updates, sometimes several a day (although they are often small, perhaps just 3-12 new celeb photos), sometimes a day or two without anything new


– Most of the video clips are very short, but of course, you can hardly blame this site for celebrities usually not parading around (half) naked for the better part of a movie. Female Celebrities isn’t an actual porn site after all.

– For some reason parts of the site interface appeared a bit funky in Internet Explorer, losing menus, etc. No problems in Opera or Firefox (well, not true entirely actually, a few page elements were pushed around a bit or expanded). This is somewhat odd considering the vast majority of sites are still designed mainly for IE, but since there were also minor issues in the other two browsers, it’s likely they’ve added something to the site recently that has partially broken the layout. Let’s hope they get it fixed.

Anyway, the problems weren’t crippling, so no matter which browser you use the site should still be usable. I chose to deduct one point from the Navigation/Design score

– I ended up with a total score of 92/100 for Female Celebrities, but it’s worth pointing out that since this isn’t a porn site in the usual sense (although you do actually get four of those thrown into the deal), the scores might not be entirely comparable to those of the sites I usually review