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Ireland Enjoys Exposure


LOS ANGELES – Adult industry icon Kylie Ireland has never denied being a relentless self-promoter, but in the last few weeks, several print publications have decided to help out.

The March issue of Adam Film World features an on-the-set piece covering Ireland’s hugely successful The Whore Next Door; the April issue of Fox features a similar interview and feature; April’s AVN includes the Editor’s Choice review for Whore, and the April issue of Xtreme magazine has a lengthy interview with Ireland, focusing on The Whore Next Door and her recent, rare dance appearances.


Kylie Ireland is The Whore Next Door

Ireland also graces the cover of this month’s Xcitement magazine, which has a nine-page layout and exhaustive interview by porn journalist Cyndi Loftus. Not to be left out, the UK is getting its own Kylie-in-print moment in the immensely popular British celebrity magazine Now which features a three page interview with the porn hall-of-Famer. For those in the US who’ve never seen Now, it’s an upscale mainstream combination of People and Celebrity Sleuth. Other celebs who’ve been featured in the interview spot occupied this month by Kylie include John Cusack, Bjork, Michael Caine & Jude Law.

“I knew my career was going into a kind of revival when I began directing for Platinum X,” says Ireland, “but the amount of exposure I’ve gotten in the last few months has been obscene. I love it!”

Ireland was also heard auditioning to fill her friend Juli Ashton’s shoes co-hosting with Tiffany Granath on Playboy’s Night calls 411 XM Radio show.

“I’d love to get the gig, but let’s be honest; they’ve auditioned half the girls in the industry,” explains Ireland. “I think I’m good at it, and I know that 205ers – the fans – like me. If nothing else, I’d be happy to keep guest-hosting every few weeks as I have been for the past year.”

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